Remove ActivityInputd will damage your computer pop-up Mac

Decoding the “ActivityInputd will damage your computer” Mac alert

The “ActivityInputd will damage your computer” pop-up is a critical alert from the Gatekeeper feature of macOS, signaling the identification of a potentially malevolent process known as ActivityInputd. This process is commonly linked to the AdLoad adware family, often referred to as Bundlore, notorious for its forceful and misleading dissemination…

Black Friday 2023 deals on Amazon: Apple devices and accessories

Black Friday 2023 deals on Amazon: Apple devices and accessories

As we approach the end of the year, Black Friday 2023 emerges as a significant event for consumers. This period is traditionally marked by substantial retail activity, and in this context, Amazon’s Black Friday offerings present a noteworthy opportunity, particularly for those interested in Apple products and accessories. The focus…

High CPU usage on Mac

High CPU usage on Mac? Expert advice for optimal multimedia performance

In the contemporary digital landscape, multimedia has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of our computing experiences. From streaming high-definition videos and immersing oneself in graphics-intensive games to orchestrating complex audio software and crafting edits on professional-grade photographs, our dependency on multimedia tasks has surged. While these tasks amplify our…

Apple Macintosh Classic

Apple Macintosh Classic: A Landmark in Technological History

In the annals of human achievement in the realm of technology, certain inventions stand as everlasting monuments, reshaping the trajectory of computing and igniting the sparks of inspiration in generations of visionaries. Among these groundbreaking creations, the Macintosh Classic computer emerges as an iconic milestone meticulously crafted by Apple Inc….

iPhone Periscope camera

iPhone 15 Pro will be equipped with game-changing periscope camera

The iPhone 15 series, which is highly anticipated, is set to bring about a groundbreaking change with a special feature that has been creating buzz. The talk of the town is the periscope camera that comes with the iPhone 15 Pro. Apple had added extra camera features in the iPhone…

How to get rid of Yahoo search on Mac

How to get rid of Yahoo search on Mac

When it comes to web search biases, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most people prefer using Google, some like Bing, and some are more accustomed to looking up information on Yahoo. Everyone is free to specify these preferences in their browser’s settings. But what if something prevents…