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Crowdfunded Accessories You Won’t Find At An Apple Store

New York – We’re your exclusive source for the best Apple-related Kickstarter funded products available, with over $1,000,000.00 in sales.

We Carry Only The Best Products

What you’ll find on our website is a carefully curated selection of Apple-related products. Thousands of projects are funded on Kickstarter every year. (In total, over 85,000 projects have been funded!)

Our store has over 50 products available to purchase. Every one of them was handpicked and scrutinized until we were sure that we had the right product.

It’s About Encouraging Creativity

At BiteMyApple’s core is a passion for creativity and innovation. We carry our specific line of products because they have inspired us.

We strongly believe in the power of crowdfunding, you’ll find that we even blog about some unrelated Kickstarter projects in order to bring them the exposure (and hopefully funding) that they deserve!

As consumers, you supported independently produced projects that wouldn’t exist without you.

Without that support, the products we carry wouldn’t exist.

So, first off – THANK YOU!

We promise to always maintain our strict standards for quality with regards to products, and to make sure that you have the best possible experience as a customer.

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