Skiva Octofire


Skiva Octofire Turbo Smart USB Charger is the first ever USB charger that is equipped with 8 ports, to simultaneously charge, eight devices at optimum speed. It is capable of charging almost every USB powered device. Another unique feature of Octofire Turbo is its intelligent charging function that automatically detects device’s power requirement and configures the port for that device.

Safety: UL, CE, FCC and RoHS Certified with protection for overcharge, over-voltage, overheat & short circuit.
Ultra-Fast Charging: Up to 8 USB devices at a time.
Smart Detection: Optimal charging by intelligent device detection.
Device Compatibility: Capable of charging Smartphones, tablets, GPS, Bluetooth headset or any other USB device.
International Compatibility: With 100-240VAC 47-63Hz power input, Octofire Turbo can be used in any country.

Kickstarter project that had 1379 Backers and $96,479 Raised

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