The Solumics.Case is an innovative accessory designed to improve the comfort and usability of the Apple Magic Mouse. It features a raised wrist rest that promotes a higher and more natural hand position, making extended use of the Magic Mouse more comfortable. The case allows unrestricted access to the Magic Mouse’s gesture control area, ensuring that functionality is not compromised. It is easy to attach, taking less than 3 seconds to fix onto your Magic Mouse. The case also includes side extensions for a broader and more comfortable grip. The Magic Mouse remains firmly seated in the case without wobbling and continues to rest on its own glide bars even with the case in place.

The Solumics Ergonomic Case is an ideal choice for users seeking to enhance their experience with the Apple Magic Mouse, especially for those who use it for extended periods.

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Colors:White/Silver, Black/Dark Grey, Black/Silver
Connectivity technology:USB
Hand orientation:Ambidextrous
Raised wrist rest:Yes, for a higher and natural hand position
Gesture control accessibility:Unrestricted
Attachment time:Less than 3 seconds
Side extensions:For a wider, comfortable grip
Stability:Firm fit, no wobble
Compatibility:Apple Magic Mouse
Glide bars:Magic Mouse rests on its own bars