Muku Shuttr is a remote shutter release for your smartphone. Pairing only requires a couple of clicks. You can use it with the native camera app of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.​
Ever tried taking self-portrait with your smartphone but found that the view was always limited by your arm-length?
Ever tried to take a group photo but one guy is always missing in the picture?
Ever trying to take photo with kids but they never stay in front of the camera for more than 2 seconds?
Shuttr is designed to solve all these problem by resting in your keychain and allow you to take photo with yourself, your friends and your kids anytime you want.
Shuttr is probably the most easy to use Remote Shutter for Smartphone ever invented.
1. It works both on iPhone and Samsung.
2. It works WITHOUT downloading or installing 3rd party camera app!
3. A very small form factor which you can carry it as a keychain so that you capture every precious moments arise in your daily life. ​
Kickstarter project that had 2567 Backers and $94,943 Raised

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