Elevation Dock 3


Elevation Dock 3 for iPhone 5/s, 5c, 6/s and now compatible with the iPhone 6/s Plus. is 4-axis CNC machined on all surfaces from solid aircraft-grade aluminum. This expensive process allows for an exceptional level of precision, simplifies the design, the outside is perfectly seamless, and the finish is without equal. And our 20-step glass bead blasted finish, with micro-polishing and hard anodizing, is the same that Apple’s applies to their beautiful hardware.

NanoPad bottom surface. Elevation Dock 3 uses its weight plus thousands of microscopic suction cups to hold itself hard to smooth, non-porous surfaces. This ensures you dock doesn’t budge when you grab your phone. Works great on finished smooth wood, laminate, glass, granite, etc.

It will not hold to porous, dirty, or highly textured surfaces like cloth or raw wood. If it does gets dirty and loses suction, wipe it clean with a moist rag and let it air dry.

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