Lunecase ICON looks like a regular snap on case at first but when you receive a call or a message it glows with appropriate notification icons. It identifies both incoming calls and messages and displays these notifications on the back of your iPhone with glowing and elegant icons. Lunecase is connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0 LE – the secure Bluetooth connection guarantees that the Lunecase works 100% accurately. The battery inside the Lunecase will last for up to 2 years – you don’t need to worry about charging it. Lunecase supports all messengers working with Apple Notification Center such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and many others.

Lunecase CULT reveals our most potential in the designing iPhone cases, combining the printed image, the glowing element and our innovative notification technology. It distinguishes between incoming calls and messages – the eyes of the Skull flash three times slowly for calls and two times rapidly for messages.

Kickstarter project that had 3653 Backers and $155,824 Raised

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