The MobileMount is a universal mount/kickstand for virtually any hand held device with a flat surface, like smartphones and tablets. Comprised of two twist-to-lock suction cups and one ball joint, this device’s unique design allows for superior suction and durability. The Twist-to-Lock suction cups can hold devices for weeks at a time rather than simply a few hours like other competing mounts. Additionally, the “Patent Pending” universal design allows for users to mount their phone without removing the case.

The two Twist-to-Lock suction cups are what make the MobileMount unique. The suction cups squeeze out the majority of the air when they are in the locked position. This creates a very strong vacuum between the suction cup and the device being mounted. Due to the Twist-to-Lock suction cups, the MobileMount is more reliable when compared to other double suction cup mounts.

The ball and joint allow for free horizontal and vertical rotation, which allows you to angle your device according to your needs. This makes the MobileMount great for driving when you’re using a GPS or hands-free calling.

Kickstarter project that had 2327 Backers and $106,072 Raised

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