MaxStone uses Bluetooth 4.0 and infrared technology to realize the connection between your iPhone and the cameras. MaxStone offers a completely wireless solution to control your camera through MaxStone App on your iPhone. Shake your iPhone or press the button in APP to control your camera’s shutter, including delay shutters. No more pictures with left eye as mirror and right as shutter. Besides remote shutter, MaxStone will widen your photographing by providing powerful, multivariate, and long lasting Time-lapse photography, Bulb, Video and other professional photography features. Through connecting by Bluetheeth 4.0 and alarming in both sound and light, MaxStone can watch and track not only your camera but also your keys, wallet, bags, dogs, and even children within 25m. One battery can work for at least 300 days. MaxStone is a shutter in hand for iPhone. With MaxStone, the camera on iPhone can take pictures for any pose at any modes via any camera( front or back) within 25 meters, as does video.

Kickstarter project that had 3674 Backers and $172,301 Raised

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