Desktop Stool


The Desktop Stool is not just a laptop stand; it’s a workspace enhancer. It allows you to bring multiple devices like a laptop, tablet, and phone into your line of sight, reducing the time spent switching between them. This stand helps in organizing your workspace efficiently, making multitasking more manageable and productive.

Recognized for its ergonomic benefits, the Desktop Stool has been awarded the “Ergonomic Good Practice” by the Japan Ergonomics Society. It encourages freedom of posture, reducing the stress of being confined to a single position. This design helps in avoiding muscle and joint stress, thereby enhancing your health and productivity.

The stand features two front lips that can hold gadgets, notes, books, etc., offering a panoramic view of all your devices and materials. This setup reduces eye and head movement and simplifies the process of switching between different tasks.

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Dimensions:Height: 18.4 cm (7.2 inch), Length: 24.6 cm (9.7 inch), Depth: 27.7 cm (10.9 inch)
Weight:800 g
Material:Plywood (Basswood/Walnut)
Available colors:White (Basswood), Natural (Beech), Brown (Walnut)
Compatibility:All Apple laptops (PowerBook G4 and after)
Modern thin laptops no larger than 15” (except extremely heavy ones)
Requires screen opening angle of 135° or more
Note: Due to the hand-made process and natural materials, specifications may slightly vary for each product.