Capta is a hybrid accessory for smartphones that combines the features of a tripod mount, a phone stand, and a cable management system into a simple elegant design small enough to carry everywhere you go.


1) You Can Stick Your Device – Capta’s specially formulated pad sticks to the back of your phone for a secure hold at any angle. To remove your phone simply twist it off. Great for use as a desk stand or Video chats.

2) You Can Lean Your Device – For a simple stand just lean your phone against Capta and use for watching movies or a desk clock.

3) You Can Manage Your Cables – Capta’s cable groove manages your cables while charging/synching your phone or cables can be wrapped securely around Capta when in transit.

4) You Can Attach Your Accessories – Attach any accessory with a 1/4-20 stud to Capta’s threaded hole such as a tripod for steady video and photos or attach a suction cup mount for GPS. The possibilities are endless.

Kickstarter project that had 845 Backers and $41,295 Raised

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