Bionic Bird


Throughout history, humans have yearned to soar the skies. Now, Bionic Bird presents a unique chance to embark on a sensational journey: to glide like a bird.

In the vast expanse above, Bionic Bird stands out as the sole object that doesn’t deter other birds. Instead, it magnetically draws them in, both allies and adversaries. Its robust foam body and interchangeable carbon fiber tail and wings make it undaunted by predators.

Operated via an iPhone app using Bluetooth 4.0, the Bionic Bird boasts a reach exceeding 100 meters. Its body, crafted from durable foam, is complemented by a swappable carbon fiber tail and wing design.

The bird is powered by a compact Turbo-Charge egg included in the package. A brief 12-minute charge empowers the Bionic Bird to soar for eight minutes, with the egg storing enough energy for approximately 12 flights. Weighing a mere nine grams, this lightweight avian marvel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights. In open spaces, it can achieve speeds up to 12 miles per hour.

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