Adonit Jot Pro


New Dampening Tip | The new sound dampening tip simulates the natural contact of writing with a pen on paper. This means your strokes will be quieter when note-taking or sketching.

The Most Precise Stylus Ever | The Jot Pro stylus is for those who take their passion seriously. It comes with a rubber grip for more command and comfort, and it magnetically attaches to your iPad for easy storage and transport. With sophisticated finishes such as Gunmetal or Silver, Pro is decoration for desk or easel.

New Smaller Precision Disc | People like this Capacitive screens require a certain amount of surface area to be covered to respond to touch. So the precision disc acts like your finger, except it lets you see exactly where your mark will be made. Now the precision disc is even smaller. Less disc, more ballpoint accuracy. The best stylus experience on touch screens just got better.

Heavy Metal | Once Jot Pro is in your grip, the quality is unmistakable. The durable aluminum and steel gives Jot Pro superior conductivity and craftsmanship comparable to any luxury pen.

New Locking Cap | The locking cap twists firmly onto the front of the stylus to protect the disc, and onto the rear when you’re working.

Magnetic Cling | Jot Pro attaches magnetically to your tablet. Pen clips are so yesterday.

Rubber Grip | For more command and comfort.

Expressive Colors | Say something with your Jot Pro, before it even touches your screen.

Sophisticated Styling | Metallic coloring for a professional and fashionable look.

Finger oil interferes with the disc’s contact with the screen with missed stroke problem on the Jot Pro – washing the disc with dish washing liquid, rinse, and drying well. Also, clean the screen on your iPad with recommended products sold at your Apple retailer.

Compatible with all capacitive touch screens: iPads, iPhones, MacBook Trackpads, Magic Trackpads, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry.

Kickstarter project that had 4975 Backers and $168,532 Raised

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