How to get rid of Yahoo search on Mac

When it comes to web search biases, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most people prefer using Google, some like Bing, and some are more accustomed to looking up information on Yahoo. Everyone is free to specify these preferences in their browser’s settings. But what if something prevents this decision from taking effect? That’s precisely what happens when Mac malware spares its ugly fangs. One of the most common species of this nasty code overrides a user’s Internet defaults by limiting all searches to Yahoo, even if the favorite provider is completely different.

Yahoo search redirect is one of the top Mac malware schemes

To set this exploitation in motion, cybercriminals contrived a multi-pronged malware distribution scheme that may ensnare even the most vigilant Mac owners. A classic technique for spreading these shadowy applications involves tech support scams in which a specially tailored web page reports imaginary threats on the computer and urges the user to install pseudo-protection, which is a browser redirect virus in disguise. Another vector relies on pop-ups displayed on malicious or hacked sites that say critical software updates are missing and instruct the visitor to install the latest version. One more tactic is to inject a dubious app into seemingly harmless freeware installers that quietly promote bundles instead of a single program.

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